CLPs (Construction Logistics Plans) & CTMPs (Construction Traffic Management Plans)

Increasingly local highways and planning authorities are requiring applicants to provide a plan for the safe management of construction traffic during a project. For example, the construction access route must be considered at the design stage and kept in mind during the entire process. If the site is difficult to access there will be a significant cost implications that must be factored into the build. The document will also be subject to stringent public scrutiny by residents, council officers, local councillors and other interested parties, so it must be fit for purpose


Our director David Smith has almost certainly seen more of these than anyone else in the country. At a recent count he had assessed over 2000  CTMP’s for The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea alone! He is accredited by TFL as a CLP Practitioner

If you require advice and preparation of a Construction Logistics Plan in line with recent legislation then look no further. We have prepared plans for projects in Camden, Westminster, Aylesbury, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and many other locations around the country.