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Transport & Highways Reports/Statements/Assessments


We can provide Transport Statements and Assessments for all types and sizes of projects. For smaller schemes that do not meet the threshold criteria for a full statement we offer a bespoke Transport & Highways report that deals comprehensively with all aspects of the scheme proposals. We have an extremely high success rate in achieved planning permissions where clients have used our reports to support smaller schemes. 


​Travel Plans


A Travel Plan is a package of measures designed to encourage sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling, bus usage or car sharing. It is a long term strategy for improving and managing access to a site focusing on promoting sustainable modes and minimising single occupancy car trips.​


Travel Plans can be particularly important for new developments and help demonstrate a positive commitment to reducing the impact of the development and should be a positive step to obtaining a planning permission.


We also offer workplace travel plans for commercial developments.​

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