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Pre-Application Advice


We specialise in providing pre-application advice & confidential client documents from the beginning & well before planning submission stage.

Coming to us at such an early stage can have significant cost and time implications for a development project. Considering transport and highways at an early stage, makes everyone's life easier!


We can present the unvarnished truth to our clients without them worrying if this will prejudice their chances of gaining planning permission. We seek to maximise client value by ensuring all aspects of highways & transport are covered right through to the completion stage and even beyond.


Where pre-application submissions for advice are made to Council Planners it is vitally important the right questions are asked at this crucial stage. There are numerous occasions when a client has come to us having paid large sums for so-called pre-app advice from a council where the results are distinctly lacking in very important aspects.

Our specialist reports provide a full list of relevant questions in order to ensure the right answers are provided.​

Highways Design

We work with clients and their team right from the beginning of a project to ensure the highways design of a particular scheme is the best it can be and is suitable and appropriate for the proposals and context of the development. This may include such items as parking provision, disabled access, visibility, road layout, footways, etc.

Local Authority Liaison


For many people it is a nightmare trying to navigate any contact with the local authority. With almost 30 years experience in local government we maintain a significant network and know who, how and where to go, to get things done. We also know what the local highways authority requires from a developer when applying. We deal with this aspect of the process in order to enable you to focus on your core business.

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