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Parking & Traffic Surveys


Development projects in residential areas may raise concerns that additional parking in the street can over burden the public highway and impact existing residents parking bays. In many cases a local authority will seek to prevent the properties in a new development from obtaining residents parking permits, using a clause in a S106 agreement

A Parking Stress survey can identify the actual parking levels, rather than simply the perceived ones. The most common survey in London is the Lambeth Methodology, which measures the overnight parking stress in residential streets with two separate overnight surveys. The combined stress is then given a percentage score and the survey may be submitted as part of the application.


There are occasions when the survey will turn out not to support the application. However, this can sometimes turn out to be advantageous. For example we saved one of our clients thousands of pounds in planning application and other fees by carrying out a parking survey during discussions for the initial design proposals. The survey reported the parking stress in the area at well over 100%! Using this information we were able to work with the architect to help redesign the property to include off-street parking and motorcycle provision, which meant that when the planning application was submitted it was approved at the first attempt.

Other surveys we can offer include: Speed surveys, Traffic Count surveys, Pedestrian/Cycle Movement surveys, Origin & Destination surveys, etc. Please contact us for a quotation.

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