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What is Sustainable Transport?


Sustainable Transport is sometimes known as Green Transport and is any form of transport that does not use or rely on dwindling natural resources. Instead it relies on renewable or regenerated energy rather than fossil fuels that have a finite life expectancy. For this reason it is said to have a low or a negative effect on the environment since it makes use of energy sources that are sustainable.


In terms of Transport Planning in relation to developments, primarily we encourage active travel options as far as possible – walking and cycling - as well as the use of public transport. In an urban environment there is a great deal of scope to make new developments entirely car-free. We also promote the use of electric vehicles, car clubs and shared access to these within developments themselves.


A forthcoming project sees us working with a developer client on a large suburban development scheme that uses a fleet of small electric vehicles for local driving and shorter journeys, in conjunction with a car & van club operation for longer journeys and to assist with larger shopping items and deliveries. In addition to this there are proposals for the developer to provide a mini-bus to help residents commute to nearby rail services.


Please contact us to see how we can help you with your project.

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