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Residents, Communities and Homeowners​

We deal with all types of applications made by individual homeowners and private clients.

We can help with vehicle crossover applications, basement extensions, loft conversions and the transport issues arising from these and other building or renovation projects.

Planning objections on Transport & Highways grounds 

We recently provided advice to a residents committee group regarding an application made by their landlord to redevelop the properties and external layout of a listed 1930s built estate. The estate contains numerous excellent examples of 1930s architecture and design, including the original street lights.

We were able to provide a report highlighting multiple errors, incorrect assumptions and an extremely cavalier approach to parking and construction traffic, in the landlord 's proposals to be submitted for planning approval. Following our report the application was subsequently withdrawn.

Please contact us if you think there is anything we can help with in terms of a planning application you may have concerns about

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